Clinical Evaluations

Derman Andishan Alborz Company (Dremalab) carries out all efficacy and immunity tests for pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and hygienic skin products on human volunteers and with the least coefficient of error. The published results are directly approved by Iran’s Medical Equipment Department. Derman Andishan Alborz Company (Dermalab) is responsible to conclude contracts and implement prepared protocols and having quality supervision on them.

Safety assessment tests
  • Patch Test & Photo Patch Test
  •  Repeated Open Application Test
  •  Human Repeated Insult Patch Test (HRIPT)
  •  Use Test

Moreover, clinical tests for approving the efficacy of various cosmeceutical and hygienic products are carried out in this center. The products include moisturizers, rejuvenating and anti-cellulite products, lightening and anti-spot products, anti-acne products as well as various hair care products. The most important of these tests are:

Efficacy assessment tests
  • Simple and specialized photography of skin
  • Measuring biophysical skin parameters (skin hydration, water evaporation from epidermis, skin oiliness, pH)
  •  Assessing skin color and various pigmented lesions
  •  Measuring elasticity of skin surface and its roughness and softness
  • Measuring wrinkles
  • Microscopic evaluation of skin surface (dermoscopy or dermatoscopy)
  •  Skin sonography
  • Evaluating skin pilosebaceous glands in terms of acne lesions and P. acne bacteria
  •  Evaluating dandruff
  • Hair analysis